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Central Laboratories

The main goal of Central Laboratories at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is to measure service samples delivered by various school laboratories.   The analytical services are  used for grant and students projects, industrial research application.  Analyses  are also offered to external customers (universities, private companies etc.).  Apart from basic routine analyses more complex non-standard experiments  are also performed. The laboratories are equipped with a modern and top-level instrumentation and the the laboratory staff deals with scientific and teaching activities that involve close cooperation with the departments of the University. Central Laboratories consist of nine laboratories, detailed information can be found on their pages.

Richard Hrabal, associate professor

Head of Central Laboratories 

 Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy
 Head: Richard Hrabal (richard.hrabal@vscht.cz)
 Phone: +420 220 443 805
 building A, room 42, ground-floor 
 Laboratory of Infra-Red (IR) and Raman Spectroscopy
Head: Miroslava Novotná (miroslava.novotna@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 444 137
building A, room 310b, 3rd floor 
 Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry (MS)
 Head: Josef Chudoba (josef.chudoba@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 444 3812
building A, room S08, ground-floor
Laboratory of X-ray Diffractometry and Spectrometry
 Head: Jaroslav Maixner (jaroslav.maixner@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 444 201 or 5023
GSM: +420 730 809 852
building A, room P03 (4th floor), S38 (ground-floor) 
Laboratory of Thermal-Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
 Head: Jakub Havlín (jakub.havlin@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 443 834
building B, room S28a, ground-floor 
Laboratory of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Head: Dana Pokorná (dana.pokorna@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 443 813
building A, room 406 
 Laboratory of Organic Elemental Analysis
Head: Anna Bradíková (anna.bruthansova@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 443 810
building A, room 275, 2nd floor 
Laboratory of Surface Analysis
Head: Petr Sajdl (petr.sajdl@vscht.cz)
Phone: +420 220 443 073
building B, room S12, ground-floor 
Laboratory of transmission electron microscopy

Head: Alena Michalcová (alena.michalcova@vscht.cz)

Phone: +420 220 444 202

building A, room 49, ground-floor

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