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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Mass Spectrometry (MS) laboratory, a part of university central laboratories, provides analytical service in mass spectrometry. Mass spectra of organic substances and their mixtures are measured. Separation techniques of gas chromatography (GC) and reverse-phase liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) are used.

Available ionization techniques

GC/MS, direct insertion probe, batch inlet:

  • Electron Ionization (EI+ 70 eV)
  • Methan Chemical Ionization (CI)  

LC/MS, FIA (Flow Injection Analysis), RP-HPLC

  • Elektrospray ionization (ESI) – positive, negative mode
  • Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization(APCI) - positive, negative mode

Mass spectra acquisition

  • low (unit) rosolution
  • high resolution – mass accuracy better than 5 ppm  (2 ppm with a lock-mass)
  • acqusition of MS/MS spectra available  (ESI, APCI MSn available)

Mass spectra m/z range

  • EI + 70 eV, CI:  limited by samples stability and possibility of vaporization (usually up to 1000 Da)
  • ESI, APCI: up to 4000 Da (valid for single charged ions) 


  • molecular weight, elemental composition confirmation
  •  organic mixtures analyses (GC/MS) 
  •  organic mixtures analyses (RP HPLC/MS, RP HPLC/UV-DAD) (consultation required) 
  •  quantitative analyses, pollutants screening in complex matrices (consultation required) 
  •  structure characterization – MS/MS experiments, EI+ 70eV
  •  GC/MS a LC/MS method development (consultation required) 

Samples pre-treatment (consultation required)

  • SPME, SPE, MEPS etc.
  • thermal desorption (TD) – GC/MS 

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) analyses in atmosphere or gases , emmited from materials (consultation required)

  • Tedlar bag sampling
  •  thermal desorption tubes (e.g.TENAX) sampling 
  •  solvent desorption tubes (e.g. ORBO, DNPH) sampling 
  •  SUMMA cannister sampling 

Analyses results

Mass spectra and additional information are provided in the form of pdf files via e-mail, raw files data are provided on a request. Mass spectra can be provided as weel as Excel or Word files including their metadata and list form.

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