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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Mass spectrometry

In most cases, mass spectrometry (MS) is used for organic compounds analyses. It is used for their qualitative as well as quantitative analysis. The use of mass spectrometry in qualitative analysis consists especially in the determination of substance molecular weight. Small organic compounds (molecular weight aprox. up to 400 Da) and their mixtures are commonly analyzed and identified by electron ionization (EI+ 70eV) spectrometry in combination with a gas chromatography (GC-MS). More detailed characterization of unknown structures with a higher molecular weight is possible by the use of high-resolution MS and MS/MS spectrometry and soft ionization techniques. In case of substance structure elucidation mass spectrometry represents a suitable supplement technique to nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy. MS and MS/MS techniques are also commonly used in quantitative analyses for trace determination of organic compounds in diferent sample matrices. Beside gas chromatography, mass spectrometry is commonly connected to liquid chromatography (LC/MS).

More information about mass spectrometry can be found in numerous materials. The links listed below refer to the e-books about mass spectrometry fully accessible for the UCT Prague students. In these books the construction of mass spectrometers is described as well. Full access to these materials is limited only to the UCT Prague network users.

McMaster, Marvin C. "GC/MS: a practical user’s guide"

Hubschmann, Hans-Joachim "Handbook of GC/MS: fundamentals and applications"

O David Sparkman, Zelda Penton and Fulton G. Kitson "Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry" (Second Edition) ISBN: 978-0-12-373628-4

Ardrey, R. E." Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry: an introdution"

McMaster, Marvin C. "LC/MS: a practical user’s guide"

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