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Laboratory of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)


The Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) is used in the laboratory to measure the content of metals in inorganic or organic samples. The AAS can be performed with both flame and electrothermal atomization. The samples are measured in the form of solutions in water or organic phase (methanol, ethanol). In some cases, decomposition methods can be employed. The determination of mercury can be performed also in solid samples.

The following elemental analyses are performed in the laboratory (detection limit in mg/l for flame atomization):

 Ag (0.03)

 Al (0.4)

 As (0.6)

 Au (0.1)



 B (8)

 Ba (0.2)

 Be (0.02)

 Bi (0.2)



Ca (0.01)

 Cd (0.005)

 Co (0.05)

 Cr (0.06)

 Cs (0.04)

 Cu (0.04)

 Fe (0.05)

 Ga (0.7)

 Ge (1.5)

 Hg (5)

 In (0.2)


 K (0.01)

 La (1)

 Li (0.02)

 Mg (0.003)

 Mn (0.02)

 Mo (0.3)

 Na (0.003)

 Ni (0.05)

 Pb (0.1)

 Pd (0.1)

 Pt (1.5)


 Rb (0.03)

 Rh (0.15)

 Sb (0.3)

 Se (0.5)

 Si (1.0)


 Sn (1)

 Sr (0.05)

 Ta (11)

 Ti (1.5)



 Tl (0.3)

 V (0.75)

 W (6)

 Zn (0.05)




For some elements, it is possible to achieve lower detection limits by combination of AAS with electrothermal atomization (Hg) or AAS with hydride technique (As, Se, Sb). These methods have to be discussed individually.

Other activities

  • consultancy
  • research and monitoring in the field of health care and environment

Environmental protection

Analysis of rain water, underground water, and waste water

Air quality, pollution, aerosol particles

Research in the field of population health and environment (government project)

Preparation of tested samples, testing of sample collection machines, research in the field of elemental analysis in aerosol particles (As, Cd, Cr, Mn, Ni, Pb)


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