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Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy

Laboratory of NMR spectroscopy is the part of the Central Laboratories of the University of Chemistry and Technology (ICT) in Prague. The main goal of our laboratory is to measure service NMR samples delivered not only by various school laboratories but also by out-of-school institutions. Apart from basic services we are able to perform more complex non-standard experiments involving their interpretation and evaluation. At the same time our laboratory deals with scientific and teaching activities that involve close cooperation with other departments of ICT.

NMR spectroscopy can be widely used for characterization of organic compounds. In addition to determination of chemical structure of various products and reactions intermediates, NMR is applicable also for mixture component analysis, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements. NMR is also a powerful tool for quantitative and qualitative calculation of geometry of the molecules and their dynamics.

Enormous development of advanced techniques enabled NMR spectroscopy to become the significant method for calculation of the structure of biomacromolecules – proteins and nucleic acids. At present we are solving the spatial geometry of selected proteins of Mason-Pfizer monkey virus.

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