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FT-IR spectrometer NICOLET 6700 equipped with Continuum (T, R) microscope

  • DTGS and MCT-A detectors allowing measuring between 7500 and 350 cm-1.
  • Reflective measurement extensions: ATR, DRIFTS, circle cell, speculative reflection (grazing angle) and diamond cell.
  • Microscope with automatic scanning table with linear or surface mapping possibilities.

FT-IR spectrometer Bruker IFS 66v equipped with Hyperion microscope

  • Spectroscope allows measurement in NIR, MIR and FIR regions:

- NIR in the range 14500 - 3800 cm-1

- MIR in the range of 4000-400 cm-1

- FIR in the range of 600-200 cm-1.

  • Hyperion infrared microscope with automatic scanning table.
  • Reflective measurement extensions: microATR, DRIFTS, specular reflection.
  • Transmission measurement in a vacuum sample chamber is possible.

Thermo Scientific DXR Raman Microscope

  • Raman spectrometer with confocal microscope Olympus.
  • Excitation wavelengths 532 nm, 632.8 nm and 780 nm.
  • Two types of gratings:
        • grating with a spectral resolution of approx. 3 cm-1 (measuring in the range of 50-1,800 cm-1)
        • grating with resolution approx. 5 cm-1 (spectral range 50-3300 cm-1).
        • For a 532 nm laser, another grating with a spectral range of 50-6500 cm-1 is available.
  • Detector: Thermoelectric cooled CCD camera (-50°C).
  • The microscope is equipped with lenses with a magnification of up to 100 times - it is possible to measure with a spatial resolution of up to 1 μm and a depth resolution of about 2 μm.
  • Linear, surface and depth scanning options.
  • The possible use of the LINKAM LTS420 cell with a temperature control of -196 to 420°C.

Thermo Scientific DXR SmartRaman

  • Dispersive Raman Spectrometer with several universal extensions - suitable for rapid measurement of standardized samples, solutions, etc.
  • Large sample space.
  • Possibility to extend the measured spotsize (average spectrum from a larger area).
  • Measurement parameters are identical to the DXR Raman Microscope spectrometer.

Thermo Scientific Nicolet NXR 9650 FT-Raman

  • FT-Raman spectrometer using a Nicolet 6700 infrared interferometer as a modulator.
  • Excitation wavelength 1064 nm.
  • Nitrogen-cooled Ge detector with high sensitivity (resolution up to 1 cm-1) or InGaAs detector.
  • Spectral range of 50 - 4000 cm-1.
  • 180 ° extension for standardized samples.
  • MicroStage extension with integrated CCD camera for measuring micro samples with a spotsize of down to 50 μm and surface mapping options.

i-Raman Plus (BWTek)

  • Portable dispersive Raman spectrometers with fiber optics.
  • Excitation wavelengths 532 nm (spectral range 150-4200 cm-1) and 785 nm (spectral range 150 - 3350 cm-1).
  • Spectral resolution approx. 4.5 cm-1 (at 614 nm and 912 nm respectively).
  • The CCD camera cooled to -2°C used as a detector.
  • Possibility to connect a microscope.

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