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Service measurement

Laboratory equipment allows measurement of liquid and solid samples using standard FTIR and Raman spectroscopy techniques.

Available FTIR techniques include especially measurement of solid and liquid samples by ATR technique, measurements of liquid samples can be performed in a cuvette (KBr or NaCl), between salt windows or using so-called Circle Cell. Solid samples can be analyzed by DRIFTS, in KBr tablets, in nujol, using specular reflection, or microscopic reflection techniques. Gaseous samples can be measured using a gas cuvette.

Raman spectra of solid samples are measured either microscopically or in pressed tablets. Liquid samples are usually measured in a glass vial, with the possibility of measurement directly through the transparent container of the sample.

In the case of microscopic measurements, area mapping of flat surfaces is also possible. Using Raman spectroscopy, the depth profiles can be studied for transparent samples.

For precise information about particular sample preparation requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us before measurement.

Service measurements are charged according to the measuring time according to the valid price list.

Please bring the completed form with the required measurement with the sample (pdf).

Measured spectra

Measured spectra can be delivered electronically on request in the following formats:

Omnic Spectra (* .SPA, * .SPG) CSV Text (* .CSV) JCAMP-DX (* .JDX) Nicolet SX / DX (* .NIC, *. SPC) GRAMS / 386 (* .SPC, *. GLD) Perkin-Elmer (* .SP)

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