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Laboratory of Surface Analysis

The ESCA Probe P made by Omicron Nanotechnology in 2004 is available for all types of measurements which are presented in following text. The instrument is equipped with monochromator, two types of ion guns, electron detection system with 5 chaneltrons, with source of low energy electrons for charge compensation, source of ultraviolet ray for UPS (ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy) for analyses of valence electrons, with detector of secondary electrons and with source of electrons for Auger spectroscopy.


Configuration of instrument

ESCA Probe P consists of analysis chamber, preparation chamber, entry chamber combined with exposition chamber, which is designed for high temperature and high pressure exposition of measured samples. Ion gun and evaporator are connected to preparation chamber, more sophisticated ion gun is connected to analyses chamber. Hemispherical detector with 5 chaneltrons, monochromated source of X-ray, detector of secondary electrons, focused electron source for Auger analyses, low energy electron source for compensation and LEED (low energy electron diffraction) and dual x-ray source are available for measurement on analyses chamber.

Experimental conditions: Analysis is carried out under UHV condition (UHV Ultra High Vaccum - aprox. 10E-10 mbar). It is possible to measure under elevated temperature (up to 400°C), and under low temperature (near temperature of liquid nitrogen).

Area analyzed by XPS: The analysed area depends on the setting of instrument and extends from diameter approx. 70 μm to diameter 1.3 mm.

Available techniques

XPS - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
UPS - Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy
SEM - Scanning Electron Microscopy with low lateral resolution (1 μm)
SAM - Scanning Auger Microscopy – available mapping of elementary composition of surface with the same lateral resolution as SEM
LEED - Low energy electron diffraction

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