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prof. Ing. Richard Hrabal, CSc.

Head of Laboratoryoriginál

Phone: 3805 (tel. 220 443 805)

e-mail: richard.hrabal@vscht.cz


Education and Qualification:

2017   named professor of biochemistry, UCT Prague

2007      habilitation in biochemistry, UCT Prague

1989      Ph.D. in organic chemistry UCT in Prague. Thesis: Synthesis, structure and reactivity of highly fluorinated dienes and trienes

1988      Postgradual course in liquid and solid phase NMR spectroscopy Technical University in Bratislava

1982      MSc. in organic chemistry Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. Thesis: Study of fluorinated dienes


1996-     Head of the NMR laboratory at the UCT Prague

1993-1996           Research Associate na Biotechnology Research Institute, div. Biomolecular Interactions. National Research Council of Canada

1992-1993           Head of the NMR laboratory at the UCT Prague

1990      Short term visit at the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the Oxford University Prof. R.J.P. Williams. (Study of binding zinc ion to short peptides)

1987-1992           Research Assistant in the NMR Laboratory at the UCT Prague

1986-1987           Research Assistant at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the UCT Prague

Research Interests:

High resolution NMR spectroscopy and its application in chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. Molecular modelling, especially related to the elucidation of structures of petides, proteins and their complexes.

Selected Publications

  1. Šebek P., Nešpůrek S., Hrabal R., Adamec M., Kuthan J.: Novel Preparation Photochromic Properties of 2,4,4,6-tetraaryl-4H-thiopyrans. J.Chem. Soc.-Perkin Trans 2 1301-1308 (1992) [IF 1.863, cited 34]
  2. Srinivasan J., Hu S., Hrabal R., Zhu Y., Komives E.A., Ni F.: Thrombin-Bound Structure of an EGF Subdomain from Human Thrombomodulin Determined by Tranferred Nuclear Overhauser Effect. Biochemistry 33, 13553 (1994) [IF 3.922, cited 28]
  3. Hrabal R., Komives. E.A., Ni F.: Structure Resiliency of an EGF-like Subdomain Bound to its Target Protein, Thrombin. Protein Science, 5, 195 (1996) [IF 3.787, cited 20]
  4. Lang J., Dvořáková H., Bartošová I., Lhoták P., Stibor I., Hrabal R.: Conformational flexibility of a novel tetraethylether of thiacalix[4]arene. A comparison with the "classical" methylene-bridged compounds. Tetrahedron Lett. 40, 373-376 (1999) (IF 2.615, cited 41]
  5. Veverka V., Bauerová H., Zábranský A., Lang J., Ruml T., Pichová I., Hrabal R.: Three-dimensional Structure of a Monomeric Form of a Retroviral Protease. J. Mol.Biol. 333, 771-780 (2003) [IF 4.472, cited 5]
  6. Hrabal R., Chen Z., James S., Bennet H.P.J., Ni F.: The hairpin stack fold, a novel protein architecture for a new family of protein growth factors. Nature Structural Biology, 3, 747-652 (1996) [IF 11.085, cited 35]
  7. Zábranská H., Tůma R., Kuhl I., Svatoš A., Ruml T., Hrabal R., Pichová I.: The role of the S-S bridge in retroviral protease fiction And virion maturation. J. Mol. Biol. 365, 1493-1502 (2007) [IF 4.472, cited 2]
  8. Vlach J., Lipov J., Rumlová M., Veverka V., Lang J., Srb P., Knejzlík Z., Pichová I., Hunter E., Hrabal R., Ruml T.: D-retrovirus morhogenetic switch driven by the targeting signal accessibility to Tctex-1 of dynein. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105, 10565-10570 (2008) [IF 9.598, cited 1]
  9. Vlach J., Srb P., Prchal J., Grocký M., Lang J., Ruml T., Hrabal R. (2009) Nonmyristoylated Matrix Protein from the Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus Forms Oligomers. J. Mol. Biol., 390(5), 967–980. doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2009.05.063
  10. Srb P., Vlach J., Prchal J., Grocký M., Ruml T., Lang J., Hrabal R. (2011) Oligomerization of a retroviral matrix protein is facilitated by backbone flexibility on nanosecond time scale. J. Phys. Chem. B, 115(11), 2634-2644.doi: 10.1021/jp110420m
  11. Prchal, J., Srb, P., Hunter, E., Ruml, T., Hrabal, R. (2012)The Structure of Myristoylated Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus Matrix Protein and the Role of Phosphatidylinositol-(4,5)-bisphosphate in its Membrane Binding.J.Mol.Biol., in press, doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2012.07.021
  12. Junková, P., Prchal, J., Spiwok, V., Pleskot, R., Kadlec, J., Krásný, L., Hynek, R., Hrabal, R. and Ruml, T. (2016), Molecular aspects of the interaction between Mason—Pfizer monkey virus matrix protein and artificial phospholipid membrane. Proteins, 84: 1717–1727. doi:10.1002/prot.25156
  13.  Kroupa T., Langerová H., Doležal M., Prchal J., Spiwok V., Hunter E., Rumlová M., Ruml T., Hrabal R. (2016), Membrane Interactions of the Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus Matrix Protein and Its Budding Deficient Mutants. J.Mol.Biol. 428(23):4708-4722. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2016.10.010.
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