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Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy

Laboratory is equipped for measuring liquid samples. We are able to measure broad range of elements (mainly 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, 31P).

Samples are measured in deuterated solvents, particularly in CDCl3 , DMSO-d6 or D2O . Therefore, it is necessary to first test the solubility of the substance in a these (non-deuterated ) solvents. The standard volume is 0.5 ml of solution.

For the measurement of 1 H spectra is needed sample concentration of at least 10 mmol / liter , i.e. approx. 1.5 mg of sample ( molecular weight 300 g / mol, volume 0.5 ml) .

For the measurement of 13C spectra is needed sample concentration of at least 20 mmol / l , it is approx. 3.0 mg of sample ( molecular weight 300 g / mol, volume 0.5 ml) .

We require filled Analysis Requirements and Payment Form (pdf) .

Each sample must have unique name, otherwise you risk overwriting your previous measurements!

Measured data can be downloaded from http://ra.vscht.cz/spektra/. Data are stored for 90 days and then removed.

Manually added data (only if you were told, they will be here) can be found here.

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