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Two high-resolution pulse NMR spectrometers are avialable in our laboratory:

Bruker 600 AvanceIII

Triple-resonance digital NMR spectrometer with the following parameters:

  • actively shielded superconducting magnet UltraShield™ 14.1 T
  • digital console
  • orthogonal BOSS II shimming system with 34 gradients
  • two probeheads:
    • 5 mm triple-resonance cryoprobe TCI (1H observe, 13C and 15N manipulation, deuterium decoupling possible), actively shielded z-gradient
    • 5 mm TXI – triple-resonance probehead for inverse experiments (1H observe, 13C and 15N manipulation), actively shielded z-gradient

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Bruker Avance III 500 MHz

in the configuration as a two-channel high performance Fourier NMR spectrometer equipped with

  • gradient unit in z-axis
  • fully digital console Avance III
  • Bruker shim system BOSS 3
  • three special probeheads
    • 5 mm BBFO probehead for direct observation of 1H, 15N-31P (39-162 MHz) and 19F nuclei with decoupling of 1H or 19F nuclei
    • inverse 5 mm BBI probehead (1H observe, BB/13C decoupling) with z-gradient
    • 10 mm broadband probehead in the standard range (31P - 109Ag), 1H decoupling

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