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Laboratory of X-ray Diffractometry and Spectrometry

Sample holders for Sample Changer- diffractometrs XPert and Powder

Compacts can be measured in sample changer if their thickness is  < 6mm. Samples thicker than 6mm can not be measured in sample changer and must be measured  individually (one by one, which is time consuming, non-effective). We preferr samples which fit in sample changer – thickness < 6mm.

If the sample thickness is  < 5mm, THAN the sample may be placed in one of the three  „circular holders“ – 943001813261, 943001813211, 943001813401 - Sample Holders XRD.pdf if the sample fulfills further size requirements. Fixing sample in circular holder guarantees PRECISE SAMPLE HEIGHT in the centre of goniometr – 2θ  peak positions on powder patterns will depend ONLY on measured sample and  no on its position in goniometr.

 To get the right size of sample please PRINT!!! attached file  sample size to fit holders.pdf and when printing you must CLICK possibility „real size“ and REMEASURE size correctness on printed pictures.

 If the size of compacts do not fullfil requirements or fixing in circular holder, we can use holder for Non-standard samples 943001812001(inner diameter 43mm, maximal height 6mm).Sample fill be fixed in “correct height” by plasticine, but the compact surface will not be accurately placed in the centre of goniometr (differences are small, but do exist and occurre randomly), 2θ  peak positions on powder patterns will depend not only on the sample, but on “precision” of fixing compact by plasticine. Disadvantage – 2θ  peak positions of the same phase will not be in the same positions for different samples.


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