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Laboratory of X-ray Diffractometry and Spectrometry

PDF4+ database licencing

 The PDF4+ or PDF2 databases including d, I values of crystalline substances are necessary for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of powder data. PDF4+ database can be purchased from ICDD and the new-single licence for an academic user costs 5875$. The database is operational only for one year and then a yearly update must be purchased 1250$.  

 Laboratory of X-ray diffractometry and spectrometry has available Master (Site) licenci. This licence costs for academic institutions also 5875$ and yearly update 1250$. If an academic institution owns the Master (Site) licence, than it is possible to buy unlimited number of additional licences for 1250$ and yearly update 495$.

 Laboratory of X-ray diffractometry and spectrometry takes an active part in PDF4+ database expansion and  Dr.Maixner and Ing.Pažout obtained certificates for newly created cards.

 HighScorePlus 4 licencing – evaluation software from  firm PANalytical

 Laboratory of X-ray diffractometry and spectrometry uses the program HighScore Plus 4 to evaluate powder data. HighScore Plus 4 has got many applications, makes work with database PDF4+ easy and you can read all necessary crystallographic information for Rietveld method with just one click.  Single licence costs 10.000Kč and it is not time limited. In the case of interest call Dr.Maixner.  

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