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Laboratory of X-ray Diffractometry and Spectrometry

Teaching in laboratory

Here you can download texts for topics RTG phase analysis I and RTG phase analysis II. Lectures for  RTG phase analysis I download here.

Details about crystallography, X-Ray diffraction and Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction


Details about X-Ray Powder diffraction (XRPD)


Details about X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF)


X-Ray diffraction analysis is a method based on elastic(non photon) scattering of X-Ray radiation on the atoms electrons. The diffraction peaks (maximas) arises after scattering and interferention due to periodically regular atoms arrangement in crystalline phase. Their positions, intensity and  shape depends on proton number of atoms and perfectness of their arrangement in 3D space. Investigation of the diffraction pattern makes possible to study crystalline composition of sample and its microstructure.       

X-Ray spectral analysis is a method based on interaction of X-Ray with the atoms electrons consisting in absorption of X-Ray photon and following excitation of electron preferably from K level to the highest free energetic level and then transition to basic state by emitting characteristic photons for K, L etc. series of that atom. Method is possible to give elemental composition for solid and liquid samples.

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